As a doula, I provide heart-led and open-minded support to pregnant and birthing people in emotional, physical, and informational ways. It is my work to be deeply present to what is, and to support you in the ways that work for you. I am sensitive to the diverse needs and situations of each person and want those I work with to feel heard, capable, and able to make informed decisions. My work honors the biological aspects of birth and focuses on strength in collaborative practices.

I believe in what you can do. My goal is to help reduce fear around birth and reproductive experiences and to be a source of support in whatever physical or emotional state you may be. I want to help guide you in discovering what makes your experience what you need so you may move into life ready for whatever comes next.

Reproductive experiences, whether or not they are pregnancy and birth, can take us down many different paths. When you and I decide to work together, I am honored to walk alongside you throughout an experience that may be deeply personal, powerful, and transformative.